4 Step Growth Concept PowerPoint Template


The 4 step Growth Concept PowerPoint Template is a diagram of icon moving upward meeting a bridge which is considered as the final stage of the activity. The process is goal oriented and this diagram shows the path towards success. Goal is placed at the last stage of activity which leads the audience towards success. This can be considered as a process that happens in a business firm, education, advertising, film making etc. It’s a chain process in which each stage is interconnected. Each stage reinforces the other stage leading towards the goal. The goal path is stabilized one and there are no ups and downs in it.

4 Step Growth Concept PowerPoint Template

This diagram can be used for PowerPoint presentations for professionals in any industry. If we are taking film industry as an example to use the diagram, the researchers in film can use this diagram perfectly. They can show the three stages of film making including pre-production, production and post production. The templates can explain each stage using infographics. Taking researchers as example, the infographics helps them to interact with the viewers of the diagram and makes it possible for feedback system.

The first stage of the filmmaking process of pre -production contain writing stage or scripting. Writing the storyboard includes penning down all the essentials needed for a film script. The next stage includes the shooting stage in which the film is shot at different locations. Since the icon is shown as the clap board, it definitely indicates the shooting process. The last stage is post production in which the final process of film making is completed and it’s ready for release. The icon showing an arrow upward can be interpreted like that. The next and last icon of a trophy shows the rewards that the film gets after release. Once the reward is accepted and given to the film makers, the film will be a success, which is the last stage here resulting in good reputation to the makers. The 4-step growth concept PowerPoint template has two backgrounds in different colors.

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