Corporate Presentations techniques

Corporate Presentations techniques

Corporate Presentations techniques

Have you ever got in awe of someone who had the magic power of turning a boring presentation into a very interesting one? It happens with us all too. Although it is not easy to handle such tricks of presentation, it is not impossible too. All you have to do is to gather knowledge about the corporate presentation techniques and apply those carefully. And this ‘wow’ factor does not just come from one part of the presentation alone; rather all the parts contribute proportionately. So, the corporate presentation techniques are the combination of all the factors of a presentation session and the trick is to bring them together. And if you are wondering how you are going to bring it out, we are here to help you.

10 great corporate presentation techniques that can easily turn a boring business meeting into an interesting one

I believe that the art of presentation is not everyone’s cup of tea. Lots of people have the art lost on their accounts of too much seriousness. And some others have lost it on the account of too much casual attitude. So, what is the perfect approach to start and finish a corporate presentation on the perfect note? Well, there cannot exist only one or two rules to follow to have a great corporate presentation but there are many. Here, we are going to list out the techniques in a simpler term. Keep reading.

1. Start with a story

The first rule of presenting a successful presentation is to establish your credibility first. Lots of people get the term credibility wrong and they end up giving a wrong vibe just before starting the presentation. Most of the people try to establish their credibility by narrating their all the career achieving which usually turns into a long introduction. But your clients are not going to be bored with your long introduction and that too, on a business meeting, will they? But without a good introduction, you can never make a presentation interesting. So, what to do? Well, the best thing to do is to start with a story. An interesting story that roots back to your background, keeping a subtle relation to your presentation topic as well! You can make it direct, you can make it subtle– that is up to you. But two points are important– one, you have to establish your credibility and second, you have to make it interesting.

2. Include a goal

Channel your presentation through a particular goal from the very first slide of the presentation. Many presenters like to keep their presentation goal hidden till the end of the presentation but that only increases the frustration of the clients. To tell the truth, in case of a corporate presentation, a client tries to figure out the outcome of a presentation from the very first slide. It not only gives them a chance to think about the decision but it also gives them a better understanding about the particular presentation. So, to crack the magic code of a great corporate presentation, you need to clear out the goal of your presentation as soon as possible.
Also, the declaration of the goal gives the presenter the chance to shape up the presentation in a better way, and it also helps them to focus too.

3. Provide proofs

To succeed a corporate presentation, you need to present necessary information data. But only providing information cannot shape up the whole presentation, you need to prove the information data as well. Thus, it is important to have the supporting materials up your sleeves always. It does not matter whether your introduction has given the clients the necessary credibility, but the supporting material provides another layer. You do not need to add the supporting materials on your presentation slides; you can keep them on your speaking note so that if anyone speaks of any suspicion about the data you are providing, you can clear their doubts right away.

4. Separate ideas

A whole presentation cannot be built off on only a single idea, but more than three or four ideas are generally going to come up. And to introduce each idea properly, you need proper introduction system to distinguish one idea from the other. A presenter surely does not want to pass an idea under the shadow of other. So to distinguish it properly, it is better to start each idea with a related quotation or a powerful image. In this way, it will attract the attention of the audience, and they will pay more attention to each idea. This also gives your presentation a strong impact that works as the wow factor.
And if you want to break presentation slides, nothing can be a better trick than this one. Especially, if you are dealing with a dry topic such as sales graphs, bullet points etc.

5. Rhetorical questions

Involvement of the audience is one of the important aspects of any corporate presentation. If your client does not participate in your presentation session, you are surely doomed. Questions are not always good but a little thought-provoking question and a little discussion on the topic. So, let the clients ask a question and if they do not, pop the question up by giving subtle hints such as ‘You might wonder why would this happen?’ etc.
But when you are going to put the question into the mind of the clients, be sure about their mental state and ask the possible rhetorical questions only. If you pop up too much out of the box question, that might confuse the audience instead of involvement.

6. Startling statements

It is one of the best tricks in case of a corporate presentation. A corporate presentation tends to get boring after some time. But you can make it interesting by tossing some startling statements. You can use some unique facts about the topic of your presentation or any other facts which are not directly linked to the presentation topic. Such sudden toss of startling statements makes the clients mid wonder whether they are true or not and it brings back the attention of the audience to the presentation again. This trick works as a great catalyst in any presentation session.

7. Difficult questions session

A presentation is not a presentation without getting bombarding questions from the client panel. So, always be prepared beforehand. You are preparing the whole presentation. Thus you can foresee what question can come at you. Be ready with your answers in all situations. Especially, you need to be prepared for those questions which can completely divert you from the goal of your presentation or derail your presentation.
No presentation can be perfectly bullet proof or rather question proof. It is obvious that your presentation will have some loopholes and the clients are going to point out that. Or they might have some objection to some of your ideas too. And in such situation, you cannot stammer at all. You have to be prepared beforehand.

8. Closing Q&A session

If the client does not initiate questioning you about your presentation, you can have your little Q&A session to get a closing for a corporate business presentation. This Q&A session gives your clients to ask you normal questions about your presentation. And if no one asks you any question, you can start with regular questions such as ‘I am normally asked…’ etc.

9. Keep your personality

Always have your unique personality. You do not need to copy anyone, but a little confidence might be good for your personality. Ease into your presentation and present it in such a way as if you have been prepared for this presentation since forever. A flawless personality on your behalf keeps the presentation alive. Also, this is one of the magic factors of any corporate presentation.

10. Rehearse properly

Whether it is a dance program or a presentation, rehearsal is absolutely important. Rehearsal not only helps you to get the whole presentation in a better way but it also helps you to boost your confidence up. Nervousness is the greatest enemy of any corporate presentation, and you cannot let it in. Thus, rehearsal is absolutely necessary whenever you are going to present a corporate presentation.

11. Keep a moral

At the end of the presentation, always keep a moral. Nothing like a fairy tale moral but a corporate moral associated with data and the ideas you are presenting. You can use the summary of the whole presentation as a moral which will help your client to cope up with your presentation in a better way.


The above list is some of the wild factors that make a corporate presentation worthwhile. Generally, corporate presentations tend to be boring with all the charts and graphs crowding the presentation template. So, if you want to win your audience over a corporate presentation, you surely need some special tips. You can use the above tips, or you can invent tips on your own by inspecting the environment of your presentation. Happy presenting!