Designing Templates – The Importance Of Choosing Significant Concept

The Importance Of Choosing Significant Concept

A presentation template is not a corporate thing anymore, but it is more than that. To create a lively presentation that can easily attract the attention of the audience, you need to put efforts on its outer look. From choosing the perfect background to applying the accurate design, a presentation is not a piece of cake; instead, it needs lots of efforts on its designing. And the choice of accurate concept in PowerPoint is the most important thing of all.

It can be easily notified that all the great presentation templates are supported by well-designed templates. And to create a well-designed templates, the addition of right concept from the PowerPoint is one of the essentials. But most of us are always confused amongst the ocean of different concepts present in the PowerPoint, isn’t it? So, how to choose the right concept to make your presentation an exceptional one? Let us have a look.

What are concepts?

But before jumping into the topic of the importance of concepts in a PowerPoint slide, we are in need to know what concepts are. Well, concepts are nothing but a set of templates. These templates are decorated with different metaphors and analogies that can represent the idea of your presentation in a better way. There exist many concepts in PowerPoint templates. From differentiation to strategic directions, you can use thousands of different concepts in your PPT slides. These diagrams are not only there to decorate your presentation templates, but they also help a great deal in communicating your ideas in a better way.

How to make a presentation Great with the help of concept

The concept of any presentation is not a singular priority, but they are compiled of different other parts. The different components of a concept in presentation are as follows-

  1. Visual Hierarchy– visual hierarchy is the arrangement of elements in a presentation template under the implication of certain ways that showcase the importance of the contents of the presentation. From choosing the right color to the right image, visual hierarchy is the first element of a concept.
  2. The slide layout design-The second important element of a presentation concept is the slide layout design. Based on how the visual hierarchy works, slide layout designs should be added. The trick to putting right slide layout design is to understand what is the most important message the slide is trying to convey.
  3. Typography– The right choice of typography is another crucial thing to add another layer to the concept of a presentation slide. It doesn’t matter whether you have put the right concept, if you use the bad font, all your efforts will go in vain.
  4. Colour– The application of right color is the basic element of a presentation concept. To curve out the concept in the right way, the application of color theory is necessary.
  5. Details– the last element of the concept is the detailing. The detailing of a presentation includes many things such as photographs, icons, charts, multimedia, transitions, and animations, etc.

In a nutshell, to plan the perfect concept of a presentation slide, the above points should be kept in mind. All the elements mentioned above can curve out the perfect conception of a presentation that goes with the contents of the presentation.

The significance of choosing the right concept

The background concept of your presentation is the mirror of the contents of your presentation. If your concept does not go well with your contents, re audience will get confused, and that might create a disturbing effect on their mind as well. So, without the concept, the texts of your presentations cannot mean anything at all; rather your audience is likely to get bored. And if you still are not getting the importance of having a significant concept in your slides, let us enlighten you with some of the points. Have a look.

  1. To represent the idea perfectly– A presentation is nothing but conveying your idea on a particular subject matter accompanied by your speech. And if you put some boring texts on a white background that are left for the audience to interpret, no one’s going to ever acknowledge it ever. Here lies the importance of the concept. PowerPoint provides many readymade conceptual templates that can perfect design your slides. Also, you can make your concept manually to put your idea in a better way.
  2. Attract the attention of the audience– Another important aspect of adding concept is to attract the attentions of your audience. It is not easy to attract the attentions of the audience, and often they get bored if the presentation has not been put in a right way. The adding of an attractive background and font is the basic attempt. And if you want to be the best, the adding of the perfect concept is essential;, especially in corporate slides.
  3. To ease out the contents of your presentation– The concept in a presentation slide does not only help the audience to relate to the subject easily but adding different concepts make it easier to put the contents in the presentation slide quickly too. There exist many readymade concepts in PowerPoint that only needs putting of data and information on different boxes and charts. Thus the presenter does not need to put much effort in aligning the data. It makes the work of the presenter easier.
  4. Neat and clean– More than often presenters end up making their presentation slides a clumsy one by putting unnecessary data and information. But whenever you are entering into a particular concept or theme, there’s no place to add unnecessary data. Thus by using a particular concept, you can prepare a presentation in a more neat and clean way.
  5. To maintain visual hierarchy– The visual hierarchy is one of the most important things to maintain in a presentation slide. It is one of the elements of the concept of slides and also it is more than that. They both complement each other.
  6. Use of metaphors– Metaphors and analogies are important to include in a slide. And you cannot use metaphors by texts only; you have to include graphics. And the inclusion of concepts makes it easy.

Types of concept

Mainly there are three kinds of concepts present in the market- Business concepts, management concepts, and strategy concepts. Let us have a look.

  1. Business concepts– Business concepts are mostly those concepts which are related to financial decision making, discussing the issue or leadership concepts. These types of concept templates are mostly composed of two columns clarifying the confusions. Also, differentiation concept templates may sometimes be used in the perimeter of business concepts.
  2. Management concepts– In case of management concepts, mostly metaphor concept templates or do’s and don’ts concept templates are being used. Also, different charts or diagram based concepts templates might become relevant in management concepts.
  3. Strategy concepts– Strategy concepts may relate to business strategy or management strategy. Thus in case of strategy concepts, almost every kind of concept templates can be used based on the differentiation of the topics and ideas.

But from the above points, it is quite clear that you cannot restrict yourself in particular concept themes. The concept is something that cannot be restricted under strict mathematical formulas. Thus the use of concept templates in a presentation slides cannot also be restricted. According to your needs and ideas, you have to choose the concept templates carefully.

3 points to remember while using a concept template

The use of concept template is more of an art than a formula. Thus no one can teach you how to put concepts in a presentation. However, you can follow some basic points that help to maintain the flow of concepts. Let us have a look.

  1. Try not to make it clumsy. Remember it’s a concept template so the concept should be pictured properly. Do not try to add extra information.
  2. Choose color wisely. A concept template is very sensitive regarding colors. Thus try not to ruin it with some extreme use of colors.
  3. Depending on the concept template, use the perfect slide layout design. Without a good slide layout design, a concept template cannot flourish.
  4. Always maintain the visual hierarchy. It is important to put contents according to their importance. The concept template in the background should also synchronize in such a way that it should contribute a part of the visual hierarchy.
  5. If you are putting more than one concept templates in one presentation process, try to maintain them in a consecutive manner otherwise it will not make sense at all.


It is not easy to make a presentation slide with additional concept templates, but if you can follow the above guidelines minutely, you might succeed in preparing a perfect presentation station slide. And it us better to use different manual concept templates than the ones present on the PowerPoint slide already. Choose wisely, use wisely!