Get to know what is Business decision-making metaphor PowerPoint and Keynote template .


Business decision-making metaphor PowerPoint and Keynote template is the best metaphor that can be used to depict a conflict or decision-making slide in PowerPoint. This shows the hazards in reaching a conclusion or taking a right path in a business organization. The blockades in preparing a business plan and the challenges involved in solving it can be represented through Business Decision Making Metaphor. The metaphor is a depiction and comparison of two things which may be similar or different in nature. Making a proper decision at the right time is the most difficult task to achieve. Such conflicts arise in the professional stream like personal life also. This decision-making process talks about decision making in the business field.

Here, the cartoon depicts a person who is confused in deciding which path to choose. This shows his dilemma. The two roads that can be seen in front of the cartoon shows the decisions metaphorically. The decision may include any actions that have to be taken in a business plan. The business decisions may include regarding quitting the job or to continue in a firm. Here, the decision can be anything related to business, sales, and marketing. The users can do a PowerPoint business presentation on guiding the audience to get rid of such dilemmas in work. The directions shown here may symbolize success and failures also. That means, one path may represent success and the other as a failure. Unaware of the directions clearly, the cartoon which represents a businessman is stuck at the junction. The users can use the Business decision-making metaphor on PowerPoint presentations to depict conflict resolutions.

You can download the Business Decision Making Metaphor PowerPoint and Keynote Template by clicking on the picture below.


The metaphor in the picture depicts that the person is confused about which path to choose. He is in a dilemma.