Role Of Presentation in a Business Meeting


In today’s dynamic world, presentation plays a crucial role in every aspect of the business. From presenting your idea to your boss to presenting your speech to a client, the conveying of a world-changing idea cannot be done without charts and graphs. A presentation not only makes your speech interesting; rather it helps to summarise your whole idea in one simple package. There exist lots of people who do not believe in the concept of presentation; who still regards the submission of files in a business meeting a more useful way; but time is changing. Now people want to have the way of conversation where they do not have to go through the fancy words much. So, whether it is a business meeting or not, presentation plays a fairly big role.
However, it is not easy to make a good presentation. Every presentation changes with the need of the context and ambiance of any meeting. Irrespective of nature, a business meeting is incomplete without a proper presentation. And if you are not aware of the role of presentation in a business meeting yet, let us enlighten you with the detailed information on presentation. Let us have a look.
Before we discuss the role of a presentation in a business meeting, it is important to know what is a presentation and its key features.

What is a presentation?

In a simple sentence, the presentation is the process of presenting any topic or idea to the audience in front of you. It can generally be termed as a demonstration of an idea or a particular topic accompanied by a speech or a lecture. However, in the business sense, Presentation can be said to be a formal introduction of any business practice or products. A business presentation is always accompanied by an audio-visual material such as projectors or different statistical data etc. In case of a business presentation, presentation software, flip charts or whiteboards might be attached as well.

Thus, in a nutshell, a presentation in a business meeting is built of three essential features such as– A context of a topic or an idea, effective communication accompanied by a great speech and an audio-visual medium through which the presentation would be presented.

Also, business presentation can be of two types–

1. Sales presentation– In these kinds of presentation, the supplier company conducts the presentation at a meeting of the potential customers or clients to persuade them with their ideas. These kinds of presentation are more formal in nature, and it should strictly be bound to the points only to attract the attention of the clients.
2. Intra-organisational presentation– These kinds of presentation are a less formal presentation that is generally conducted by one or more personnel of a company to introduce any new policy or operation to their co-workers. It can be strictly formal or informal, and it depends on the nature of the particular organization.
Business meetings can be of the above two types, and the role of a presentation can vary from meetings to meetings. Be it sales meetings or any intra-organisational meeting, the role of a presentation in every meeting remains the same, except some minor changes. Let us have a look at why a presentation is important in the scenario of a business meeting.
Role of Presentation in a Business Meeting

It is an admitted truth that presentation plays the key role in every business meeting, whether it is a sales meeting or any intra-organisational meeting. In today’s world, a business meeting is incomplete without a presentation. However, here we have enlisted the main roles of a presentation in a business meeting. Let us have a look.


1. Face to face involvement– A presentation helps you to get in touch with the other person face to face. By representing a presentation, you can engage with the audience perfectly. Not only that, but a presentation also helps to build the trust and strengthen the relationship with the audience. They start to understand you much better along with a good presentation. According to a 2012 survey, it was held that using presentation can actually improve any sales campaign in any business meeting.

2. Better persuasion– A presentation in a business meeting often involves the showcase of an audio-visual medium accompanied by a speech. This whole process helps to retain the attention of the audience, and thus it creates a better impression upon them. A better impression means a better chance at persuasion to buy the idea of the presenter. Thus with the help of a great presentation, you can actually convert people’s mind towards you. Generally, presentation plays a big part in every sales business meeting of any organization.

3. Better conveyance of idea or topic– Often business presentations are a combination of presenting the idea of the presenter through an audio-visual medium and explaining the idea after that. If you convey the same idea through a plain file or an email, the client might not actually get your perspective correctly. Not only a presentation process in a business meeting gives you the opportunity of presenting your idea in a better way and also, but it also gives the audience a chance to raise the question as well.

4 Flexibility– Another important role of a presentation in a business meeting is flexibility. You can easily jump in between topics in a presentation only and relate other topics to your idea quickly. You can easily add content to your presentation or modify a presentation in case of unnecessary information. Not only that but in a presentation, you can easily incorporate the latest news, topics or statistics which can be beneficial for a business meeting. Also, you can make sector specific content for each client and no need to do that separately; you can incorporate that in one presentation. It is better than a business brochure or file submissions which are expensive to change.

5. Versatile– Another role that a presentation projects in business meetings is versatility. You can use them on a one to one meeting, and you can showcase a presentation easily in your laptop or computer. Also, you can use it on a projector in a big business meeting.
6. Visual aids– Another important role of presentation in a business meeting is to attract the attention of the audience with the help of the visual aids. Visual aids such as statistic data and different graphs usually grab the attention of the audience easily in a meeting and also it easily summarise the topic of any meeting.

7. Consistency– One of the important roles of a presentation in a business meeting is to keep the consistency. Thus a presentation not only summarises the idea or any topic, rather it provides a consistent way of providing a good way of communication in any organization.

8. Time management– With the help of a presentation, a whole big idea or multiple ideas can be conveyed in a short span of time. A presentation easily summarises any topic, and thus it is easy for the audience to understand. It helps to save a large amount of time in assessing any idea in a business meeting if the presentation had not been there. In today’s world of time management, the presentation takes up a big role in every business meeting.

9. Strong customer relationship– A good presentation establishes a short-term yet a strong relationship with the audience or the clients. This short time interaction ultimately helps to build a strong long term relationship through the business meetings, and it helps to establish the reputation of an organization in a better way.

10. Team Effort– Generally, a presentation is called for a group effort in any business organization. A group of co-workers puts their effort into making a good presentation to be presented at a meeting. Thus presentation plays the role of showing team effort and how co-workers have unity among themselves in working a common cause together. In a nutshell, it showcases the unity and values of a particular business organization at a business meeting.

11. Better marketing skill– Lastly, a good presentation ultimately leads to a better marketing tactic of an organization in case of sales meetings. A presentation is the best way to convince someone into any product, and thus nothing can work as a better marketing tactic than a great presentation in a business meeting.

It is not easy to execute a great presentation at any business meeting. It needs lots of dedication on the parts of the co-workers or the individuals to make it work. An excellent presentation has a significant role to play many advantages on the part of the business organization, in the same way; it can lead to many disadvantages if not presented properly. So, before presenting in a business meeting, it is essential to put all the parts of a presentation together and execute properly. Use the appropriate visual aids such as proper graphic charts, statistical data, etc. and also make your speech interesting. Happy Presentation!