Using Business Bullet Journal

in How To on October 31, 2019

Using Business Bullet Journal

Every individual in his personal or professional life has a bucket of to-do lists. If your goals or Wishlists are immensely important for you, then we can turn into reality in small increments. As an entrepreneur daily, you can be hit by an array of information’s coming for several sources such as email, chats, employees, customers, and by your own words. Being organized with the available information and planning for the future is the key to success. For efficient management of information and resources business needs to employ a system to capture, process, and execute daily plans and available information. There are numerous systems available over the outer world there. For some, it can be a hi-tech system using digital methods. But for some, it can be a traditional way of using a pen and paper. Bullet Journal system gives you the flexibility to capture various information in an organized way and assist you in gaining those big-picture items for your business done the way a business journal can.

What Is a Bullet Journal?

Designed by New-York based designer Ryder Carroll business Bullet Journal is an analog system designed to track past, organize present and plan for future. It’s an excellent system that traces everything you could ever want to toss it. A business bullet journal is an organizational system in a notebook that tracks anything which you want to get noted down coherently.


Designing a Bullet Journal for You

Productivity is crucial for the success of any business, especially for start-ups. The ability to stand on top and not to get tracked by a hard work schedule reflects the ability to work smarter, not harder. The best way to stay organized is by incorporating systems. The challenge is finding the appropriate technique or tool which works best for you. There are numerous productivity methods available such as GTD Method (Getting Things Done), Pomodoro Technique, and many other tools that elevates productivity. Recently business bullet journal has emerged as the best alternative productivity system and tool. One of the greatest aspects of the digital bullet journal for business is that you can adapt it as per your organizational style. The real advantage of using a business bullet journal is it organizes and stores everything in a single place, which eases the work of an entrepreneur.

Here are the elements which you can sort, organize, and track in your business bullet journal:

  • Goals: Every individual in his personal or professional has a set of goals. You may include weekly, monthly, or yearly goals as a part of your future log.
  • Marketing Planner: You may have a set of plans. With traditional bullet planners, you can simply list the date of the month on the sides of the page; on the next, you can add important tasks and plans. But if you have a monthly grid or a weekly planner, then you can use it to put extra content, schedule social media posts, and other marketing tasks.
  • Projects: On a page, you can list all your projects, and on other specific pages, you can mention the project details.
  • Data Collection: Recording, analyzing, and working on the business data ensures the success of your business, and a data journal can be the best place to store your corporate information. If you are an affiliate marketer or person with multiple sources of income, then you can create several pages to trace down each of your income streams.
  • Notes:  If you read online journals, books note or watch videos or listen to a podcast. Then these bullet journals are an exact place to maintain all your notes.
  • Whatever Can Be Done:  The best thing about a bullet journal template is that it’s blank. You can create a planning system as the way it fits your business needs.


Steps for Implementing a Bullet Journal

Business Bullet Journal can be a great source to maintain all records, information which can be efficacious for the management. Implementing a bullet journal is very easy. Here are the few steps which need to be followed for incorporating bullet journal in your system:

  • The initial step is choosing your method, whether digital or analog, which works best for you.
  • Opt for a system that fits the needs of your business.
  • Transfer all your tasks into a new bullet journal.
  • Assemble all your information or data at the same place which you need to refer frequently.
  • As new information comes through, instantly enter them into your bullet journal.
  • The most important task is to keep your business journal up to date.
  • Regularly review your information, identify the factors of business loses, work on the areas which require more attention.

As an entrepreneur, you have enormous responsibilities. You have got millions of tasks going around your head. You have to respond to emails, maintain employee’s data, sort out inventory, maintain clients, and several other endless tasks. To stay ensured that none of these flew away from your mind and is eternally forgotten, its a wise idea to maintain a business bullet journal.

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