How to Create Online Course

in How To on November 28, 2019

How to Develop Online Course

You have a million-dollar worth investing idea. Keeping it in mind can be futile. Instead, there isn’t any other better way of demonstrating your expertise rather than creating an online course. The corporate world is starving for innovative ideas. If you have the one, then why not do business out of it. The best way is to create an online course.

Innovation, creativity, market trends aren’t thought in management classes. It’s what can be developed by gaining knowledge. As a starter, it’s important to note the trends in education. Traditional means of learning can be seminars, conference halls, magazines, etc. But education is beyond it. Now a day’s education is increasingly about online learning. With passing time, online courses have become an inevitable part of one’s learning schedule. These days being in a hectic schedule, one prefers online courses over other study modes because of its convenience. The e-learning industry is growing at a tremendous pace and has been expected to reach $325 billion by the year 2025.


According to a survey conducted by Global Industry Analysts in the year 2017, it was found in the year 2017 alone; investors invested $8.15 billion in the EdTech industry. Online education is the most impactful way to spread your knowledge across the global marketplace, making a bigger impact and more money. If you have an exceptional idea lying dormant in your brain, then turn into a lead-generating, money-making, impactful online course. According to research done by researching firm GM Insights, it was valued that the online learning industry would exceed $240 billion by 2023. So, there’s not a better time to join the eLearning industry. If you have something to share with the outer world. Here are some of the checklists which you need to concern about:

  • Is your course worth investing in online business?
  • How to conclude the right topic?
  • How to develop a profitable course?
  • How to sell the course online?

Who Can Create Online Courses?


If your expertise in something or have the capability that people will come for you, then you are ready to go. If you don’t possess one, then continue reading, you will find a subject to teach soon.

Answer Yourself

  • Have you purchased an online course?
  • It that worked for you?
  • What convinced you to buy that?

Features of Successful Course

  • Problem Solver
  • Educates You
  • Helps achieve goal

Your expertise can be valuable for young professionals, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, etc. If you find people interested in following you. Then wrap up your content, record speech, and sell online speeches and workshops. Turn your knowledge, expertise and skills into a profitable online course.

Types of Courses You Can Develop


There are numerous courses available. Based on the expertise. You can design masterclass, coaching, training, etc.

  • Masterclass: Experts gives a masterclass to a group of talented students. If you are an expert, have a skill, talent, or mastered in any discipline, then create a masterclass course to transfer your knowledge.
  • Coaching: Professionals design coaching courses with the aim of providing guidance and training. These classes are time-bound and are designed for a specific time frame within days or weeks. Coaching classes can be of several types. It can be:
    • Business Coaching Career Coaching 
    • Educational Coaching 
    • Personal Coaching 
    • Meditation Coaching 
    • Yoga Coaching
  • Corporate Training: Corporate training module is designed for the business world. Corporate Training is a professional development module given to educate employees.
  • Mini-Course: Mini-Courses is a small training module generally of 1 – 2 hours long, given to capture mechanism of your business, educate customers. They can be used for market testing.

Designing Online Course


With passing years online learning is becoming an education trend. Many prefer online learning or E-learning because of its convenience. Before you start developing an online course, here is a guideline that will assist you in designing an income-generating online course.

  • Research: In the foremost step in developing an online course is extensive research. The biggest failure of many online courses is not doing enough research. Research identifies whether your idea is worth investing in and based on market interest.
  • Choose the Right Topic: Your course topic must be something you love it or passionate about and should also match market interest. In short, if the topic is trending, you love it, have knowledge about it, then the topic will surely work for you.
  • Smoke Test: Now you have opted a great topic. Its time to validate it. The idea behind doing it is, you may have a great idea, but necessarily it doesn’t mean it will be a great product. Who doesn’t want to spare hours of time on the product that people don’t want?
  • Develop the Content:  As you have done the research and found the trending topic. Its time to develop great content. You can also refer courses online, but make sure it isn’t licensed, or you get permission to use it.
  • Use Interactive Images and Videos: Overflooding your course with information turns to be boring. Adding attractive images and videos enhances the learning experience. You may add enchanting Presentation templates to make it more compelling.
  • Perform a Check: Its important to recheck your course before you launch it. It’s especially important if you are uploading a paid course.

This is how you can Create online course. Hopefully, these steps might have given you a good idea of what to expect from an online course creation journey. Got any questions regarding how to develop an online course? Then let us know in the comment section.

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