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How to Successfully Pitch Business Ideas in 5 Minutes

in Business on August 26, 2020

How to Successfully Pitch Business Ideas in 5 Minutes

pitch business ideas

Coming up with a million-dollar creative idea is unexceptional. But what makes you an outstanding business professional is the technique about how to pitch business ideas and the tactics or strategies you implement to sell it to strangers or attract investors. Business executives, marketing managers, walk up to a great extent to showcase how much their business plans and concepts are of high margin and practical. But eventually gets rejected by investors or decision makes as they don’t realize the real potential of the idea. But why does it happen? Your great idea is repeatedly being rejected because you have a killer presentation to pitch your ideas. A killer presentation precisely exhibits your ideas and make it understandable to the audience.

Pitching ideas to the audience can be incredibly nerve-wracking. Believe me or not, it’s more like a stressful job. It will surely remind of elementary school days presentation where you got highly strung about whether your presentation would be impressing the teachers or not. Numerous questions will start popping up in your minds-

  1. Whether they will reject your ideas,
  2. Whether they will like you
  3. And the biggest fright whether they will fund your ideas or not.

For business, availing funds is a tremendous challenge. For a business, not getting funds are like a death sentence. According to a survey, 13% of the entrepreneurs shut down their businesses due to funding. Even if you do self-investment, at some nick of time, you will need additional funding to grow your business.

pitch business ideas

It don’t matter if you are a business executive, freelancer, entrepreneur, or any other form of a business hustler, you never know when an opportunity will arise to pitch a business idea. At any pace of time, the idea that emerged out of mind in the coffee shop could turn into a big deal. Many entrepreneurs have a great idea that can blow away the market. But 99%if them fail because of adequate funding. There’s a vast gap between having an idea and implementing it. And to bridge such gap raising funds is important. Opportunities are everywhere; if you are from the business sector, you always need to pitch your ideas. So, here’s a quick guide that will instruct you on how to pitch a business idea in 5 minutes.

     Why It’s Important to Pitch Idea?

Your business pitch is the prime tool that can either get your business on track otherwise sink it. Business opportunities can emerge anytime, and leveraging such opportunities is a sign of a successful entrepreneur if you are a business manager, CEO or an entrepreneur, then you should have how to create pitch. Even if you don’t seek funding having a business pitch ensures you know the business in and out.

If you want to raise funds, you need to know how to pitch your ideas interestingly, which attracts investors’ funding into your business.

So, let’s jump into the guidelines about how to research, craft and present a winning pitch –

  • Prepare Yourself: Investors don’t invest in your ideas; instead, they invest in entrepreneurs. They need to get assured that you are efficient, thoughtful, and could sustain the project through its conception, growth to success. You need to get along with the investors.
  • Capture the Essentials: Your investor doesn’t care much about your idea rather than your presentation. Try to explain the crucial details related to the project during the initial seconds of the presentation.
  • Understand What Makes Your Presentation Compelling: Before getting into the hustle of learning how to pitch ideas? Firstly understand what makes your pitch stimulating. Remember, you have 90 seconds; try to showcase your crucial details persuasively; if you fail, then you lost the chance to create impact. Facts and figures are crucial but try to project information in a way that prompts confidence or expertise.
  • Do Research About Whom You Are Pitching For: Even though you are repeatedly pitching for the same product or idea. You just can’t memorize a few points and go. Each opportunity is different and brings new challenges. You need to understand and research as much as possible about the person you are pitching. Research about Who is he/she? Have they invested before? Over which all project they have invested? Have they been successful in the investments? Such information assists you to tailor your pitch in a way that engages with the investors.
  • Gathering the Tools Which Will Make the Pitch Stand Out: In the initial phase of the pitching process, we determined what should be in the pitch, we need to make the research information compelling too. In the second phase of the pitching process, we need to gather the tools and resources which will be needed to put the pitch together and make it stand out. However, products and personality are the biggest tools for any pitch. We need interactive graphics that will augment the research data. You will need an astonishing set of graphic designs.
  • Create an attractive and Intriguing Presentation: The core of the pitch is the presentation or a pitch deck. As now, it’s time to curate a pitch. But remember, the tools you use to craft and show-off your presentation are incredibly important. PowerPoint sounds too old, modeled. If you are selling a modern product to an informed audience, then you need something advanced. To solve your problem here, we have an impressive tool Slidecompass.
  • Why Are You Different: Why should the audience opt you? What’s unique in the product or service you offer? Understand your product and acknowledge the features, which is the key differentiator, which will elevate your chances of getting selected.

Pitch Deck Templates


Pitching your ideas to the investors is the scariest thing you will do as an entrepreneur. For most companies attracting investors is a necessity as it could let the business grow or stay afloat. Most business shuts down due to inadequate funding. But don’t let such thoughts overcome your passion. Just remember when you deliver what your investors want, you will surely have a successful pitch. Practice your pitch, dress up professionally, and use your expertise and passion to inspire your audience to take a chance on you.

Have you pitched any idea before? Have any master tips on how to convince investors and pitch business ideas? Share in the comment section below.








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